We, the KISIs

On December 17th, 1993 the first Musical performance of the, at that time newly founded, „Children's Singing Club of the Parish of Altmünster/Traunsee“ took place. Since then, hundreds of children and young people, some of whom by now already have children themselves, have worn their KISI T-shirts with pride.

But who are we KISIs? What do we offer? Where can you experience us live and join in yourselfß
All this and more information you will find on this homepage!

“Music is a unique gift of God and it moves people's hearts. That is why we want to make biblical stories visible and “experiencable“ through music, dance and drama in a creative and appealing way“, say Birgit and Hannes Minichmayr, the founders and leaders of KISI-God's singing kids.

It started off as a nice children's activity, but even at that time had the goal to communicate to children the joy that is in faith and to create positive associations with faith for them. This has been the core of what we do until today.

It is our responsibility to accompany Children on their way through life. They need the possibility to really be a child and we see it as our task to give them the space they need for that.

To play MUSICALS with children and youth, that is the way we have chosen to do this.
To stand on the stage together and present what we have learnt to an audience- that gives great joy, unites us and looks and sounds presentable from an artistic point of view.

At the moment we are represented in the following countries: Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Uganda, Israel and Hungary.



KISI - worldwide - dates and facts

  • KISI started in 1993 in the parish Altmünster am Traunsee, Austria
  • KISI groups in Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Uganda, Belgium, Israel, Hungary
  • Since 1999 KISI-Musicals written by Birgit Minichmayr
  • 26 CD productions since 1999
  • Cooperation of KISI as choir with other CD productions
  • 100 musical performances a year
  • 9 musicals in the repertoire (in German, English, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian)
  • A diversity of workshop propositions
  • Weekly radio broadcastings on RADIO MARIA Austria (www.radiomaria.org)